What is Resalelots.com? 

ResaleLots.com gives our customers exclusive access to wholesale lots of new, in-style, apparel at wholesale prices. These “lots” are being offered to verified resellers in bundles ranging from 50 to 1,000 pieces.

I’ve purchased wholesale lots in the past, what makes this program different?

Some wholesalers deal in overstock or items that didn’t sell in a retail setting. These hard-to-sell items are then passed along at discounted prices. Our program deals in one-off, new inventory that’s been returned to big box retailers, like Nordstrom or Saks, and cannot be returned to their racks as sold as new.  This distinction means that you’re getting high-quality, NWT items (unless stated otherwise) that customers want at wholesale prices.

How do I know what I’m buying?

In addition to the lot description and sample photos, all of the lots being offered have a “manifest” that you can download to see exactly what’s contained in the lot, including sizes.  This gives you complete transparency into the lot before it arrives at your store.

Why is the Retail Value often lower than the original MSRP?

Think of the retail value listed as an AI-predicted “market value” across online channels such as Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, etc. Resale.com provides the tech to automate listings on ResaleLots.com. Resale is able to scan a UPC to find historical data quickly. If the item has been part of a promotion in the past or is currently being sold at a lower price, it may pull in that data ahead of the original SRP. It may also retrieve the retail price as reported on a manifest provided by the retailer. 

If the price is off, the odds are, it will be in your favor as your discount will be taken off what is likely a value less than the original SRP

How big are the discounts?

While local market conditions vary, it’s not unusual to buy items at 60%-90% off suggested retail prices.

Can I mix and match items in the lot?

ResaleLots.com is able to offer the biggest discount by building the lots, or bundles, for you.  Those bundles cannot be changed. If the bundles you see on ResaleLots.com today do not fit your purchase criteria, please provide feedback on how we can improve our offerings.

How does shipping work?

Shipping is calculated during checkout based on the delivery address and the size of the lot being purchased.

How often is the site updated?

Our partners are continually updating the site with new inventory so be sure to bookmark it and return regularly for fresh lots.

What is the return policy?

Like other major wholesale platforms, all sales are final.  Please review your order, or manifest, carefully to make sure it fits your needs before purchasing any lots from either site. That said, if there are major discrepancies between what is reported on the listing/manifest you purchase and what shows up at your store, please report those right away for a quick resolution.

Are these all of the brands you will have access to?

No, this is just the beginning. As the marketplace evolves, our combined strength will make us a great landing spot for the most sought-after brands and styles available.